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LED Test 7 Blade Molded Connector w/ Cable, 6' (retail package)

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Trailer Wiring Codes Trailer Wiring Codes

The LED Test 7 blade molded cable is prewired and provides protection to the wires with the jacketed wire sleeving. The LED lights confirm electrical continuity exists for each tow function. 7 Blade connectors are typically used with large trailers and are the most common vehicle side connectors.

  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Wire is heavily insulated with jacketed wire sleeving
  • LED Test Verifies Wiring Continuity
  • Impact And Corrosion Resistant
  • Built-In Troubleshooting
  • 6 foot length
  • 90 Day Warranty From The Date Of Original Purchase
LED Test 7 Blade Molded Connector w/ Cable, 6' (retail package)

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Product Reviews

RV Wiring Standard. Colors and pin locations differ.

By Ross Lee, March 2, 2022

5.0 stars

I bought this for a trailer I'm re-wiring. Thought it was awesome being molded with LED test lights. I hooked it all up fast like I have done a ton of times.Then when testing it out the left didn't work, the right turned on the markers and the markers turned on the right. upon digging the package out of the trash I noticed two pictures on the back. One for an RV Standard and one for an Auto Industry. I didn't know RV's had their own. And have never been asked that as an option when purchasing trailers. What a pain for someone wanting to use a trailer for both and RV and truck. ...The package nor this website identify #20286 as an RV Standard. And the really smart people at the parts store wholesale counter I use was just as clueless. I'm smart enough to back pin the connector and wire it to my desired standard instead but the wire colors won't match. I hope I can find this came connector but in the desired standard so I can redo it right. I'd hate to confuse the next person to get in there.

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