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InSIGHT™ Plug-In Simple!® Brake Control

4.5 stars  4 Reviews

Installation Instructions Installation Instructions

New trucks are becoming more car-like every year making it almost impossible to install a traditional brake controller. With the InSIGHT brake control, you gain the flexibility needed to make a simple, no tools required installation in any vehicle. This three part system allows the driver to bring the display back in sight where they can see what is going on as well as bringing the controls within a comfortable reach whether you are right or left handed. Mount the brain of the system out of sight. So, no more banging your knee every time you get in and out of your vehicle. This proportional brake controller creates stops that are safe and smooth, making you feel like you aren't even towing a trailer! With easy to set gain adjustments and a digital display will make setting this brake control quick and easy. Seven On-the-fly sensitivity settings allows you to adjust for trailer weights and weather at the press of a button. Most states and provinces require a trailer brake controller based on the weight of the trailer.

  • Proportional braking
  • No Tools Required Installation, no drilling required
  • Percentage of braking power shown
  • 7 Sensitivity Settings for Advanced Braking Control
  • Intuitive vertical manual slide
  • Short Proof Protected
  • Controls up to 8 trailer brakes
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
InSIGHT™ Plug-In Simple!® Brake Control

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Product Reviews

Custom positioning

By Forrest McClure, June 13, 2020

5.0 stars

I installed this on my 2014 Nissan Titan January 2015. I bought it primarily for the manual control that I put on the center console so it would be right next to my thigh. This way I don't have to lean forward and reach for it. I can comfortably leave my hand on it when I'm in heavy crazy traffic. It's been a life saver on several occasions. The red light that stays on even when the truck is turned off doesn't bother me at all. It's never run my battery down and I think it acts as a theft deterrent cause from the outside it looks like an activated alarm. The proportional braking is excellent too. Wonderful product!

Brake control excellence

By F.N.Weltha, December 9, 2014

5.0 stars

Had this installed on my 2009 Ford F150. It replaced another brake controller that was under my steering wheel. It was very difficult to use and read braking strength. I had to take my eyes off the road to read it. It was even more distracting if I wanted to apply trailer brakes manually. The InSight controller is much safer because it has a readout on my windshield, a manual control beside my steering wheel, and the power box is far enough under my dash that I never have to worry about banging my knees on it. As a trailer brake control upgrade, this is great. I have been very pleased to have it!

Red Light Blues

By J. Edwards, September 24, 2014

4.0 stars

Fairly easy install on a 2005 GMC sierra. Concerned about the red light on the controller staying on as this vehicle stays parked a lot and I fear the battery will discharge. Other than that no problems.

Four Stars

By F. E. Pearson, March 9, 2014

4.0 stars

I installed this on a 2010 Silverado. Very easy to mount the components where you want them and route the wires. I would have given five stars except for the red light on the controller stays on constantly. I think it should be on only when a trailer is connected, like the red dot on the display.

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