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InSIGHT™ Flex-Mount™ Brake Control

4.0 stars  2 Reviews

Installation Instructions Installation Instructions


Providing the Ultimate Braking Experience!

The InSIGHT™ brake control with Flex-Mount™ versatility solves the problem of inconvenient mounting while increasing user safety and convenience. This is achieved by bringing the display within the driver’s line of sight and the controls within easy reach…all with no tools required and Plug-In Simple!® installation.


  • Flex-MountVersatility

-- Multiple mounting locations in any vehicle

  • No Tools Required Installation

-- Plug-In Simple!® components

  • Increased User Safety

-- Keeps eyes on the road and controls within easy reach

  •  Advanced Proportional Technology

-- Mirrors braking action of the towed vehicle for safe, smooth stops

  •  Digital LED Display

-- Intuitive 0-99 scale of power setting

  • 7 Sensitivity Settings for Advanced Braking Control
  • Short Proof Protection for up to 8 Trailer Brakes
  • Electric or Electric/Hydraulic Trailer Brake Compatibility
  • Flex-Control™ features a soft glowing light for easy location at night
  • Lifetime Warranty

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InSIGHT™ Flex-Mount™ Brake Control

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Product Reviews

Red Light Blues

By J. Edwards, September 24, 2014

4.0 stars

Fairly easy install on a 2005 GMC sierra. Concerned about the red light on the controller staying on as this vehicle stays parked a lot and I fear the battery will discharge. Other than that no problems.

Four Stars

By F. E. Pearson, March 9, 2014

4.0 stars

I installed this on a 2010 Silverado. Very easy to mount the components where you want them and route the wires. I would have given five stars except for the red light on the controller stays on constantly. I think it should be on only when a trailer is connected, like the red dot on the display.

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