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Our Mission, Our Passion

"Making The Towing Experience Simpler And More Rewarding Through Innovation And Value"

Hopkins Towing Solutions® is the brand engineered for ease of use and built to last. As the market leader and #1 brand of DIY electrical towing products, it is our duty to enhance the user towing experience. 9 in 10 consumers choose Hopkins because we are constantly striving to make the consumers experience better!

Our Innovation

Hopkins has pioneered innovation in Towing Electrical products to give you a better Towing Experience!
* The Multi-Tow® provides multiple towing options from one vehicle-end connector creating a true customized Plug-In Simple!(r) wiring system.
* The Endurance™ product line was created to give the consumers what they demanded, a quality product with Maximum Durability, Enhanced Weatherproofing and Superior Ergonomics.
* Our products also have L.E.D test lights for built-in trouble-shooting on your vehicle and trailer wiring.
Hopkins provides you with innovative products loaded with performance enhancements. Check out the rest of the website for more of our innovations!

Our Expertise

We have the market leading expertise in Towing products so you can feel confident you are using a quality product. Our towing product line has been around for over a quarter century and has multiple design and utility patents!
* Hopkins has a Tech Service Hotline to help and assist you through any situation.
* Hopkins also has a thorough website and catalog.
* We know what questions consumers are asking, we help to solve those questions with our packaging and store merchandise!
* Hopkins recently won the "Best In Category - Marketing" Packaging award at the 2011 AAPEX Showcase!

Our Warranty

* Industry best 3 year warranty on Endurance products
* Lifetime on brake controls
* 90 Day Warranty on Everything Else!
Hopkins offers warranties on all products because we have full confidence in every product we sell. We want to give you a superior towing experience and most of all, to have you tow safe and legal.

Get to know the Hopkings Towing Team!

(Each one has a link to a quick video to Brad/Mike/Randy K/Dan S for an overview and Towing talk?  Phase 2 of About us page..)